Friday, January 18, 2008

Bang Bang!

I've spent the last couple of days photographing some new work, and trying to get a bit of clarity on where I'm going with it all! Things are still a little fuzzy, but i'll just keep plodding along until the fog clears!! In the meantime, I'm having fun playing with guns! The porcelain gun above is the result of some experimenting I've been doing with water jet cutting. I've been cutting up glass and crystal platters and ceramic plates, and am about to start playing with melamine saucers and wooden bowls and all kinds of interesting little bits and bobs. The gun started life as a depression era glass platter. I had the gun shape cut out of the platter....

...made a plaster mould of it (and broke the original in the process - yep, I'm still in fine form!), and then cast it in porcelain. All a bit of a roundabout experiment, but I think I like it. Bang bang!

Back on Board

Holidays are always too short.

Nice though!