Thursday, November 25, 2010

Off to the desert!

We’ve just come back from a few days in Alice Springs, checking out the town and surrounds, which in just a few short weeks is going to be our new home! Yep, Central Australia here we come! Its all very exciting! The Engineer (in collaboration with the sun) will be working on solving the world’s energy problems, and me and the little lady…well, we haven’t quite worked out what we’ll be doing there yet!

The desert certainly did a good job of wooing us though – after all the near record rainfall it was a mild 28 degrees, the Todd river was flowing, the hills were covered in green (!!!), and purple and yellow wildflowers were sprouting everywhere! Somehow I don’t think January is going to be quite like that, but it was magic and any small anxieties I had about leaving the big smoke dissipated within 5 minutes of arriving.

So, I will be hanging up the overalls for a while, and I must confess that I am quite excited about the prospect of a break from making - its been an exhausting couple of years! I will still be doing some work to finish off my Australia Council project, and a few other projects that are already underway, but it will be nice to pull back a little and soak up some new scenery, some new experiences and some new adventures.

The next few weeks are all about the mammoth task of packing up my studio and our house….or I could just keep sitting here blogging. Four posts in one day…I think that’s more than I’ve done all year!

I believe this is called procrastination.

Chop chop!

It tastes (and looks) better

Kylie Kwong's latest book is jam packed with handmade ceramics from makers such as Kirsten Coelho, Lesa Farant and myself. Its nice to see my work filled with such yumminess! And nice to see a celeb chef using so many handmade pots.

(pickled rainbow chard)

Sewing Circle

If you're in Murwillumbah, or feel like a jaunt to a beautiful part of the world, be sure to check out another very clever designer and artist Belinda Smith's new work in her exhibition Sewing Circle at the Tweed River Art Gallery. December 3 - January 23.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kenji the Great!

Have a look at Kenji Uranishi's beautiful public art works on the front (and back) cover of the latest Journal of Australian Ceramics. Such a clever lad he is!