Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A few days ago I received a letter in the mail from one of the staff at Object. It was just a letter updating me on a few things, but what was so lovely about it was that it was handwritten. It’s pretty rare these days to get something handwritten and it took me by surprise, and made my day! So I’ve decided to take a leaf out of her book and write the rest of this entry by hand.


Uschi said...

I absolutely agree!!!
I was so happy to recieve a letter, handwritten by an old friend, some weeks ago!!
It was like making music on a long forgotten instrument!
So, lets have more, if you like: leave me your adress via e-mail and you get some all-around-the-world- words from a totally unknown person ;))

annadee said...

Hey Mel,
I, too, have fond memories of poste restante queues and my spare room is full of boxes and boxes of letters.

I feel sad for the email generation that they won't have that memorabilia, as who prints out emails? Also, I wonder what will fill the correspondence collections of the libraries of the future? Emails, which provide the author with the ability to draft and re-draft, are surely less interesting and insightful.

I think the only time I write (not counting drawing or notes in my visual diary) is when I'm writing a cheque!!

cheers, anna

Mel Robson said...

aaaaahhhh the good old days eh!