Thursday, August 23, 2007

A house of ones own

This is my house. Kind of. I don’t live in it. I don’t own it. But I have been assigned to it! I had a much anticipated meeting with the Ipswich Art Gallery today, who are commissioning me to make a work about this heritage house for their collection. Oh yeaaaah, right up my alley! I can feel a session with white gloves in a dark dusty library coming on and my fingers are twitching already!

It was built in 1865 and used to be owned by an Australian poet called Thomas Shapcott, who wrote some very beautiful poems in it and about it. This is one of them….the layout of the text mirrors a cedar staircase inside the house.

Hmmm. Happy me. Projects like this make my day. As do the op shops at Ipswich. Bargains galore.


reb said...

Loving all the new energy bursting forth from Feffakookan these days! What a gem of a project that Ipswich one is, and what a lovely poem......yay!("yay" is my all purpose word for when I'm thinking lots of good things but can't get them all out)

kbd said...

ah, to welcome you back, I've tagged you :)