Friday, November 2, 2007

Laugh a minute

I’ve become very clumsy (well, clumsier than usual!) in the studio lately, tripping over my own feet and breaking so many pieces I’m almost scared to go in there for fear of what will come crashing down next!! Yesterday I broke not one, but two of my favourite pieces, pieces I could have sold twenty times over but decided to keep for my own collection. Only the really super special pieces make it into this collection. Yep, major bummer. I sat on the floor feeling sorry for myself when suddenly two kookaburras let rip in my backyard. They laughed and screamed until I just had to see the funny side of it and join in with them. It was impossible to mope with their hysterical laughter ringing through the air! They were beauties!! They spent a good part of the day frollicking in our big poinciana tree, cackling away periodically just in case I started to sook again!


Anonymous said...

i'm happy a couple of birds were there to ease your pain. sook? what the hell does that mean?

your american friend

Mel Robson said...

well I never knew SOOK was an Australian-ism! It means "A cry-baby, someone who is soft or complains a lot" according to the on-line aussie slang dictionary! And I thought you knew every bit of Australian slang there was Mark!!