Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This is my sparkly clean desk in my sparkly clean office. And the reason it is all so sparkly is that I am DONE for the year! I'm about to pack my bags and we're heading off to New Zealand for three weeks, cruising the South Island in a little campervan!! Bliss! Big thanks to all who have visited my blog this last year - actually its almost a year to the day! It's been blogtastic! And if anyone has any hot tips for galleries, studios, artists, markets, towns, vistas, sights or any must-see's on the South Island, I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment or email me! Happy New Year one and all! Hope its a ripper!!


carole epp said...

Have a great trip gorgeous girl! relax, relax, relax!!!!
Will be looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
much love

carole epp said...

btw GORGEOUS pic!!!

pinholeman said...

Enjoy your adventure!

Mel Robson said...

Thanks guys. I most certainly will. Don't need to tell me to relax twice!! xox

Oh and Mark...first thing in the New Year ok...no I mean it this time....really....I swear....

The Restless Knitter said...

Hi Mel,
just wanted to stop by to say great blog! I'm not normally too captivated by ceramics, but I love the really delicate and translucent nature of your work. Especially the use of text. The spoons especially with your family recipes...what a fantastic idea!