Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Well not much blogging of late. I have lots of deadlines looming and I’m jumping from one project to another in the studio, with my head in a bit of a spin! But somehow I seem to be making progress! Its 5am in the morning as I write this, and for some strange reason I am awake, alert and raring to go. I have been on FIRE in the studio the last couple of weeks, with new work and new ideas flowing out faster than I can make them or scribble them down. Oooooh I love these phases! The ebb and flow of inspiration and the process of making new work is always intriguing to me. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth, like nothing is ever going to come together, and then suddenly things fall into place, one piece or one idea can be the key to open the floodgates. The down times are all part of the process I guess…bit by bit, trying and sifting and playing and discarding and breaking (oh always breaking!) and adding and building and rebuilding. For me developing and making new work is about finding the balance between discipline and play. It’s about persevering when you might not necessarily feel like it, recognising when you need to walk away for a while, and trying not to take it all too seriously. It’s a hard balance to get right!

No pics of the new stuff yet tho... still playing…and persevering…and trying not to take it all too seriously!

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