Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yoshihiro Suda

I was taking a stroll along the river the other day and stopped to have a drink from a bubbler. As I leaned over to drink I saw these little fellas (above) creeping up through the cracks in the boardwalk. I was instantly reminded of the work of Yoshihiro Suda (below) who I recently came across in a publication called Spectacular Craft. This guy has some serious patience! Each tiny piece is carved by hand from magnolia wood and they are so incredibly executed that it's almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing. Craftsmanship like this just leaves me speechless. You can find out more about him and the exhibition Spectacular Craft here.

And speaking of fine craftsmanship...don't miss this one. Kirsten Coelho (image below) at Helen Stephens Gallery. September 17th -October 12th. (Where IS that damn tardis!!!!)


reb said...

Stunning are your pieces in the Pablo Fanque gallery group show! (I just got an email from them today advertising the show)

Kenji Uranishi said...

Hi Mel!
I love Suda's work - when I see some little plants, I'm always reminded of his work. When he was on the TV show, he put a little one underneath his chair. That was funny and cheeky! Anyway I looooove your new work!!