Monday, September 15, 2008

Bird Watching

There's flocks of pigeons flying in and out of my studio at the moment. One little flock is heading off to this show at Redlands Art Gallery. Curated by Emma Bain it is a selection of works by QLD artists who find inspiration in the bird motif. I had a sneak peak at the show today and it is looking pretty spectacular- paintings, prints, jewellery, paper cutting, sculpture, ceramics...some very beautiful work by the other exhibiting artists including Nick Ashby, Madeleine Brown, Meryn Jones, Tiffany Shafran, Glen Skien and Pamela Mei-Leng See. The show opens this Sunday 21st September at 11:30am and runs until October 26th. 


Bibbi said...

Appreciate your links so much, true inspiration! I'll start a mosaic commission next week and was happy to see work of repetition in change. But then your links are aleays worth following, thank you :)

Mel Robson said...

Hi bibbi! Glad you like them. I'm assuming you're referring particularly to Nick Ashby's work with the repetition...?? Isn't it fantastic? One of my fav's. I think i might have to get my hands on one of them!!Good luck with the mosaic.

Kim Wallace said...

Thanks for the tip Mel - it sounds like a fantastic show... Have added it to my blog (and to-do-list)!