Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cressida and I

Cressida Campbell, Bowls, 2001

I spent Monday afternoon installing my work at the QUT Art Museum where a selection of pieces will be on display for the next two months.  QUT is one of my favourite Brisbane galleries.  They always have such interesting shows and cut a perfect balance between the contemporary and the historical.  Their team of curators are really on the ball and also have their antennaes finely tuned to craft and design. We like that. 

The gallery itself was closed for the day for installation, so I had the
Cressida Campbell show all to myself. Blown away is putting it mildly. As I wandered from room to room my jaw dropped lower and lower until by the third room and the work Eucalyptus Forest it really did hit the floor. Her woodblock prints of the interiors of houses, still lifes, urban Sydney and Australian landscapes are so skillfully and beautifully executed - the exquisite details in each print, the mottled colours, the texture of the prints, ever so slightly raised but giving the pieces such depth, the way she carves subtly into the surface of the plywood she prints on, the adaptation of a typical Japanese technique to truly Australian circumstances and subject matter...oh I could go on and on and on!! Its been a long time since i've been so affected by an exhibition.  I had to take a quick nap on the couch to recover before resuming the installation. 

Cressida Campbell, Nasturtiums, 2002, woodblock

A show not to be missed. It finishes April 19th. And you may as well have a gander at my work while you're in there! It's up until May 31st. 


Anonymous said...

wow! wonder how she gets that effect... looks labor intensive

Anna said...

I saw her exhibition in Sydney and listened to her talk at the S H Irvin Gallery. Wonderful work - all your superlatives are needed to descibe her pieces.

Amanda said...

Oh yes, her work is amazing isn't it? I wouldn't like to be left alone with it actually...I might have to sneak a few pieces out under my jacket.

Anonymous said...

Hi could you tell me who represents you in Sydney, I would love to buy some of your work. I really love your work.

michele said...


I love your work and was wondering where it is available for purchase?

Mel Robson said...

Hi Michele,

send me an email and let me know where you are and i can give you some details.

Mel Robson said...

and Sydney my work is at Object Gallery, Pablo Fanque and shortly Brenda May Gallery.