Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've just sent off these little jugs to the Pourers Exhibition that is being held at Object Gallery during the Ceramics Triennale

I quite liked the bird on a wire jug, so I gave it a whirl on a bowl….

and a wall tile...

...and an old thrown cup I found in a box downstairs (which I've yet to photograph).  I went bird-on-a-wire craaaazy.  

The Pourers show is an extravaganza of functional pouring vessels - jugs, tea pots, bottles, creamers, decanters, gravy boats etc etc - by 40 Australian ceramicists.  Far too numerous to name here, but you can read all about it here.  The show runs from July 11th - 28th. 


reb said...

So gorgeous and whimsical Mel! Just love the one with the teeny branch too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful birds on wires, listening to leonard cohen in the studio?

kon said...

Beautiful little jugs. I love how the spouts echo the little beaks of the birds.