Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two little cups

wheel thrown porcelain with decals, 9cm tall


meg appleby said...

Hi - I have just been googling to find out where I can buy your stuff... Do you sell in any retail outlets or only when you hold exhibitions? I have fallen in love with the bowl you did a few years ago with the map of the Valley on it. Was it a one-off or will you still make them to order? Perhaps it is not possible but I just thought I would ask. Regards, Meg.

simone said...

oh ah...... lovely... would love to drink my morning coffee out of one! oxoxo

CASS said...

...just beautiful! you always continue to amaze!

Mel Robson said...

Hi Meg, I'm about to list where you can buy my work on the blog. Check back in a couple of days or email me at Have been waiting for it all to go up on my website but it just seems to be never quite finished...!! There is ONE of those map bowls available. Drop me a line and i'll email you all the details. Cheers!

Simone, best you come over for breaky on the weekend then!

And Cass..aaw thanks!

kon said...

very nice...I see that birds are an abundant source of inspiration for you!

pinholeman said...

love them!!!

kyliept said...

These are just gorgeous!

I've just blogged about one of your gorgeous little tiles that was given to me for my birthday - feel free to drop by!

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