Saturday, October 6, 2007

Breaking the Mould

I’ve just spent a lazy but inspiring saturday afternoon curled up with my brand new book that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for ages - Breaking the Mould: New approaches to Ceramics. It was worth the wait. It profiles over 60 contemporary ceramic artists, includes essays by Natasha Daintry, Rob Barnard and Clare Twomey, and has a stupendously good web directory in the back of most of the artists included. A damn good resource. Hours of fun. For all the family.

Barnaby Barford "Shit! Now I'm going to be really late" 2006

Some of my old favourites are in there including the very amusing and witty tableaus by Barnaby Barford (above), the evocative and melancholy figures of Irish artist Claire Curneen, Justin Novak’s disturbing and slightly gruesome disfigurines, Clare Twomey’s site-specific installations and Marek Cecula’s porcelain carpet and super great Burned Again series (below)

Marek Cecula, In Dust Real: Burned Again, Industrial Porcelain/Woodfired 2005

And some great work I hadn’t come across before – check these out: Isobel Egan, Damian O’Sullivan, Wai-Lian Scannell/SOOP and Kjell Rylander .

Damian O'Sullivan Delft Eye Patch

Lots of food for thought. I’m lost to ceramic la-la land for the rest of the day I think.

(You can see a great preview of the book here))


Bibbi said...

Really happy to find so much ceramic in one single blog, now I'll rest here for a while. And then move to the links. Thank you! from colleague on the other side of the globe,

Mel Robson said...

Hi Bibbi. You're most welcome! A lot to sift through! Loved your five meter bowls!

gerry said...

Mel, where did you buy the book,locally or online? It looks really interesting and I need stimulating diversion.Blog on!

Mel Robson said...

Hi gerry,

I bought mine locally from Coaldrakes bookstore, but if you go to the link in my post for the preview of the book it also lists a few places you can buy it online. Good luck! Reckon you'll love it!

Miss Dot said...

oh I thought of you yesterday! read my post about the China Factory closing down near me. ARGGGG

Mel Robson said...

you know you popped into my head yesterday too!! oooh spooky!! i'll go check it out now!