Friday, October 26, 2007

The drought breakers

Curator of Pattern Recognition Andrea Higgins, and myself have decided we are the drought breakers. Invite us down for an artist talk sometime, and I guarantee you it will rain! It seems to happen everytime we head off on one of our Laurel and Hardy expeditions to talk about the exhibition. Last week we headed off to Gosford Regional Gallery - and yes, down it came! Not that I'm complaining. Most places we go really need the rain! The folks at Gosford did a wonderful job with the show, the gallery looked fantastic, and they also did a wonderful job keeping us well fed, well watered and well entertained.

Next day we were up at the crack of dawn and made a beeline for Sydney where we did a mad dash around all the galleries before flying back to sunny Brisvegas in the afternoon. Peter Cooley ceramics at Ray Hughes Gallery, The Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award at Object, a quick look at new gallery/retail space Pablo Fanque in Oxford Street (very nice), and finally Prima Vera at the Museum of Contemporary Art especially to have a gander at the lovely Honor Freeman's work (below) and a quick sprint around the Julie Rrapp show. Phew!

Honor Freeman "markers" slipcast porcelain

Honor Freeman 2005 "Tupperware: An airtight container for every occasion" Slipcast Porcelain

You can read a little more about Honor Freeman's recent adventures here.

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Emilka said...

Hi Mel, thanks for posting these lovely images of Honor Freeman's work. Really love it! Best, E xox