Thursday, March 22, 2007

A momentary lapse of blogging

...but I have a good excuse! I went to France! A very spontaneous trip! D had some work over there, and it just didn't seem right that he go without me (!!) so a few hours before his flight we bought me a ticket and before you could say lickety split I was winging my way to Paris too! I spent most of the time pinching myself that I was actually there! Five days in the South in a lovely city called Grenoble (above), and four days in Paris! What bliss! Wandering the cobblestone streets, drinking lots of coffee, soaking up the art and the atmosphere, gushing over the amazing architecture, stuffing our faces with pastries and all kinds of sweet treats, reading novels in warm sunny 500 year old plazas and town squares, bread, cheese, wine....aaaaaahhh! Yep, pretty unhappy about being home!


Uschi said...

Lucky you!!
France at spring-time!

Miss Dot said...

hang on, you bought a ticket a few hours before he was to leave? I was reading and thinking 'what tha" she's in Australia right? OMG lucky lucky you.

Florence said...

Sounds so good!....*sigh*