Friday, March 2, 2007

toy land

Michael Doolan is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist. At first glance his work just seems so cute and fuzzy…cuddly bright little toys! But there is something unsettling and a bit disconcerting about them. Some of them are larger than life, which he does deliberately to make you feel like your childhood toys have grown in proportion to yourself - a frightening thought, particularly if you ever had a barbie!

I like art that unsettles me. I particularly like ceramic art that unsettles me.
I also like art that makes me laugh.
And I like the fact that Michael's work does both.
Double whammy.


Kirsten said...

Ooo, they are cute, but i see what you mean about unsettling. Has he got an exhibition on at the mo'? I'd like to see them if he does. Thank you!

Mel Robson said...

hi kirsten, not that I know of, but you could check with his gallery - Karen Woodbury - in Melbourne. cheers!