Thursday, June 11, 2009

White Heat

Well I’m all in a bit of tiz really. Work coming out of my ears at the moment, which is all good and lovely and you’ll hear no complaints from me about that, but my head is in a spin trying to meet deadlines and making sure things are where they should be when they should be. 

One thing I can now cross off the list-to-do is the Australian Ceramics Association exhibition White Heat , which opens tonight at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum in Sydney.  The show has been curated by Dr Julie Bartholomew and is part of a huge swag of shows opening over the next month in conjunction with the upcoming Australian Ceramics Triennale. 

One of my exploding gun plates (above) is included in the show, and I'm keeping some very fine company including my very own local buddies Pru Morrison (image below - Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Costello and Joe Hockey I believe?!!), Kenji Uranishi (image below), Virginia Jones and Kathy Keys. Nice to see such a strong QLD contingent. You can read more about the premise of the show and the artists selected here.  The show opens today but there is also a shindig being held (July 19th) during the conference itself. So drop in if you can and have a cocktail (or twelve) for me!

Pru Morrison

Kenji Uranishi

More details on the conference and the exhibitions, speakers and demonstrators can be found at the conference website and the conference blog (administered by Shannon Garson). 


Her said...

LOVE the gun plate! haven't forgotten to send you a pic of the birds insuitu but Mum hasn't hung them yet!

Jay Dee said...

Wow Mel! I've seen your gun cut outs before but not like this with the shards coming away - it looks great.

Vicki Grima said...

Hi Mel,
Guess who Julie Bartholomew asked to get mean with the museum gel at White Heat? Me!
Thanks for the template and the words of encouragement - a very personal touch. My mosaicing skills helped, whilst a workman attaching shelves to the wall nearby was fascinated with the task I was attempting.
Shame you can't get down to Sydney. The show looks great!

Mel Robson said...

oh thanks Vicki! You poor thing!! I was wondering who the got landed with that!! Very much appreciated! And yes, wish i could be there too! Looked great from the pics you sent through...cheers! (and great to see you've started a blog!)

Anonymous said...

Great to see your pieces in the flesh. I've been to White Heat 2 times (1 with friend, 1 with other students) and expect to go again. I see some different aspect each time!

Kathryn Mitchell said...

Hello! I've just very happily found your blog and I love your work! I'm especially amused by the gun willow plate - we're studying the history of the willow pattern in my ceramics class at the moment and I'm enjoying finding work that gives the old design a modern context. I'm based on the Gold Coast and am in Brisbane next week so I'll check your list of places you have your work so I can see it in real life! Katy.