Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Learning to Drive

Well my kilns are finally connected and up and running after what seems like a never-ending series of mishaps and mix-ups. But it was worth the wait! They are little rippers!! I’m still finding my way around them, but so far so good. They fire fast….real fast…but being the impatient bunny that I am I think I’m ok about that! And even better….they cool fast! Now THAT’S what I like in a kiln! Anything to reduce the hours of waiting and nail biting! I feel like I’m learning to drive all over again (and anyone who was around when that happened might have good reason to be a little concerned….at least I can’t drive a kiln over a roundabout!). Each kiln has its own little way about it, and these two have so many unfamiliar switches and mechanisms that are new to me, but like driving a car, it all becomes second nature after a while. So as I’m firing I’m watching closely, taking notes, timing things, drawing little diagrams, monitoring cones….not. That’s probably what I should be doing but I’m afraid it’s more a case of turning it on, giving it a little pat on the side as I spin around and nip off to do five other things at once and hope for the best! It’ll aaaaaaaaalll be allright!

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