Monday, April 16, 2007

Pins and Stitches

Two exhibitions, Object and Action: the mantra of the stitch and 50 Brooches have just opened at Craft QLD (on until 1st week of May). Loani Lee’s textile work (below) is just incredible – that woman has some serious patience – and the brooch show is full of beautiful and witty little creations by some very talented Australian jewellers. One of these talented folk is Anna Davern (aka the Davernator) who’s Lizzie and Phillip brooches (above) were the highlight of the show for me!

And while I’m on the topic of exhibitions, just a little reminder to anyone in Brisbane that the 20/20 exhibition opening is this Thursday night at the Museum of Brisbane from 6pm. Hope to see some of you there!


annadee said...

aww thanks Mel. I'd forgotten when that was opening. I wish I could see the show as it was sounding like it was going to be a beauty! Did you know that I purchased myself (actually demanded as a Christmas present!) some of your beautiful cups a few years ago at Craft Victoria, long before I found your blog. They have pride of place on my pianola.

Mel Robson said...

Well I wouldn't mind a few of your pieces in my christmas stocking either Anna!! And I like that they sit on a pianola! That's perfect!

Anonymous said...


I've seen your work in the 20/20 show and it is glorious, as per usual, is there any truth to the rumour (fact) that you'll be giving up producing ceramics of any sort, thus increasing of collector's current holdings' value enormously, tomorrow? If so, put me down for five.


Mel Robson said...

he he! no AB, there is no truth to that....but would you like to be my manager??!!