Sunday, January 21, 2007


Since starting this blog I have gradually been finding my way around this whole new world, discovering and making contact with other ceramic artists and potters who are blogging also. I really love peeking into the process and inspirations of others and find it fascinating to see how people in the same area as me work. All very differently but all very interestingly! I've started a list of some of these blogs and websites and will hopefully keep adding to them as I stumble across more. Diana Fayt (images above and below) is one of these folks, and her blog One Black Bird gives a really lovely and entertaining insight into the joys and inspirations, trials and tribulations, of life in her studio. She has a wonderful way with words, and her work is absolutely beautiful!! There was lots of ooohing and aaahing when I came across her work!!


reb said...

I totally agree, I nearly cried when I first came across her work.
You have excellent taste!

one black bird said...

thanks mel! i ooh and ahhh a lot too when i look at your work :)