Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Karin Eriksson

Thanks to Karin Eriksson for the mention on her blog this week! Karin is a fellow decal-ophile and uses them on her beautifully thrown cups and bowls. Her pieces have a lovely warmth about them, even though she lives and works in what looks like the coldest place on earth at the moment!! The glazes she uses are just yummy, and there is a lovely balance I think betweeen the contemporary and the traditional in her pieces. And luckily for me some of her work has made it all the way from Sweden to lil ole Brisvegas!


Adrienne Kneebone said...

Hi Mel its great to see the power of the web litersally webbing artists together by use of image and text;;

lovely work ,,justgorgeous

Adrienne KNeebonex

Claire said...

oh, I love those square sided vessels especially the one on the bottom, left.