Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blooming beautiful!

It is the most beautiful day here today! Cool, crisp, clear and so so blue....with just a little splash of red!


reb said...

Congratulations Mel about both your Etsy shop, and the rain! I know how good that sound on the roof is when you haven't heard it in ages. I checked out some of your stuff at Craft Victoria the other day- very, very yummy! (that's a compliment)
And did you see the article on Gwynn Hanssen Pigott in the latest Vogue Living? I've already ripped out most of the photos...
Also I'm hoping to do that course with Sophie Milne, waiting to hear back. Keep up the inspirational work and I hope it rains again for you!

Anonymous said...

yeah, too right!

Mel Robson said...

Hi Reb,

thanks! And good luck with that course. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it!

And Pru....bout time you worked it out!