Thursday, May 24, 2007

In my dreams

When I woke up this morning a huge wave of relief washed over me as I realised it had only been a dream! More like a nightmare actually. I’ve been working on a public art project for the last 18 months and it’s due to be installed sometime over the next couple of months. The closer the installation gets, the more horrible the dreams I have….smashed pieces, no time to make any more, angry architects….you get the idea! Last night I dreamed that I picked up one of the pieces only to see that it had a big crack down the side. And then, when I went to pick up the others I suddenly realised I had forgotten to fire them and they just crumbled in my hands! My 18 months of work was a pile of shards! It’s been a great project to work on - a huge long learning curve – but I will be very VERY glad when it is finally installed and out of my studio!!

Here’s a (teeny tiny barely visible) little sneak peak of the work (above), which is being permanently installed at the new Southbank Institute of TAFE Library. It’s made up of 15 very fine black and white porcelain vessels. The imagery on them is drawn from/inspired by the history of the site and the surrounding environment. One of my favourite pieces is decorated with an excerpt from an old syllabus from the 1920s. The subject was called “housewifery” and taught students “how to clean a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen”. It also taught them how to remove stains – specifically tea, coffee, fruit, mildew and ink, how to dispose of waste, economy in furnishing (I need that course), starching “D’Oyleys” and most importantly - how to crimp and goffer…..huh??


Jan Allsopp said...

I love love love this!

Kim Carney said...

gosh, I am so very in love with these pieces!