Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Friday

slipcast wall pieces 6cm x 5cm and 6cm x 6cm

A nice start to the day today. Not only did I wake to the sound of pattering rain (it's been so long!), but also to a lovely kiln load of work, full of blue bits! And a few new little people too! But I won't be posting those just yet....we've had so much response to those funny little folk that we've decided to start a blog totally devoted to them and their adventures. They've been getting out and about a lot lately too so lots of new pics. Should be up and running soon.

slipcast porcelain with decals 9cm x 5cm

So being a rainy day I guess I don't have to work huh??! That sounds perfectly reasonable to me! It's been so long since we've had a day like this that I think I will have to honour it by reading novels and drinking cups of tea all day! I have been a very lazy and distracted camper this last week (very unlike me), so I figure I'll just go with it and my concentration and focus will come back soon enough. It's this working from home business you much as I am enjoying it there are so many distractions around every corner! Have a nice weekend!

Oh, and here's a good read: Diana Fayt's recent post over at One Black Bird. Here here I say Diana!


Florence said...

It looks like my Lilli&Tom won't be the only Brisbane dolls having adventures and their own blog :)

They say "Hi!" by the way.


Mel Robson said...

....and Brisbane being Brisbane I have no doubt their paths will THAT would be an interesting exercise in scale!!!

sara said...

like the jugs very much.