Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In search of the Creative Spark

I recently received a Creative Sparks grant from the Brisbane City Council to develop some new work (thanks Campbell!), but given my little uninspired malaise of late, I’ve decided to take a month or so off before I jump into this. So we’re going to head up to Far North QLD for a bit of adventure, hiking through marine parks and lazing around on warm tropical beaches. Oh the sacrifices one must make for arts sake! Then its down to Melbourne to visit old friends and new babies, to soak up the atmosphere, roam the galleries, freeze my ass off and (hopefully) get re-inspired! Sometimes walking away from it all is the best thing you can do! Cheerio then! Back in a few weeks!


Pinky said...

Congratulations- I just noticed your black and white cups in this month's Donna Hay! They look fantastic!

Mel Robson said...

hi Pinky. Thanks, and well spotted! I'd already bought it and totally missed them! Love a bit of Donna!