Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Craft Australia

Earlier this year I was invited to speak at VERGE 2006, the national Australian ceramics conference. I was part of a panel (along with Laura McEwan and Isaac Patmore) called Generation NEXT, looking at some of the pathways and perceptions of some of the newer (and not necessarily younger!) artists working in ceramics. Craft Australia has just published the paper on their website, along with papers by Janet DeBoos, Avi Amesbury and Carole Hanson Epp.

It’s well worth a look at the Craft Australia website. They have a great range of resources for people involved or interested in craft and design, and just recently a really interesting on-line forum looking at making a living in the arts. In a series of blogs Phoebe Porter, Blanche Tilden, Tom Moore, the Jam Factory, Bianca Looney, Oliver Smith, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Cesar Cueva, Pippa Dickson and Kris Brankovic all shared their experiences of creating a viable practice in the arts. A good read! They’ve also set up a gallery for emerging artists to post images of their work. Nice one.

The image above is of Canadian ceramicist Carole Hanson Epp's work, from her fantastic series "A collection of small miseries". You can see more of it here.

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