Monday, December 18, 2006

Poppity pop

I send a lot of fragile objects all over the place and so need to use a bit of bubble wrap to make sure they get there in one piece and not twenty pieces. But I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about how much of this plastic poppy stuff is used in the world, and how little of it is re-used and recycled. I am astounded by people and organisations who just bundle up metres and metres of the stuff and squish it into rubbish bins, never to be used again. So I have set myself a challenge to never buy bubble wrap first hand and to only use recycled. I have been very successful in this mission to date, and let me tell you the thrill of the chase is never better than when work is due for a show in 2 days and I still haven’t managed to scrounge enough bubble wrap to send it off safely!! I am forever keeping an eye out for shops and restaurants that are being redecorated and fitted out (a marvellous source of bubblewrap), and Kenji and I are always doing trips over to Reverse Garbage, sometimes returning triumphant with a bag stuffed full of it, other times returning despondent and empty-handed, haggling with each other over scraps lying around the studio. Today was a good day for bubble wrap. I did a quick dash to reverse garbage to find the sales assistant sorting through a pile that had just arrived! All recycled from a local company. The bubble gods were smiling on us.


Anonymous said...

...does this mean you want all of us Robbo fans to keep our eye out for bubble wrap being popped (I couldn't resist) into skips bound for the tip, pop, snap?

Mel Robson said...

you bet smarty pants!