Monday, December 11, 2006

Radio Head

I’m a total radio junkie. I can’t get by without my radio. I have it on all day when I’m working away in the studio or at home. I mostly listen to Radio National – news, documentaries, world music, art, books... love it!! My favourite program of all is THE DEEP END, an arts and culture show that covers events, ideas and issues in the visual arts, theatre, dance, film and music. I highly recommend it! They have a particularly great section called the makers where they speak to artists about their process of making - what they make, how they make it and why they make it. From violin makers and installation artists through to dancers, ceramicists, painters, jewellers and conductors! You can listen via their website, or download it as a podcast too (my how modern!). And seeing as it’s ALL about the Asia Pacific Triennial here at the moment, here’s a link to a recent program that takes you on a virtual tour of the exhibition and talks to critics and artists about the show and the spiffy new building. I promise I’ll stop talking about the APT now…maybe.

Another great program on RN is By Design. Saturday design...aaaaaahhhh...
(thanks for the pics of the radios jilly!)


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

me too! love rn burbling away all day long while i cobble away.

Mel Robson said...

it's the best! See you saturday!