Friday, December 22, 2006

In her Words

Well it’s all ok now! The feffakookan recipe has been found! Hooray! And what a well used recipe it is, complete with food splatters and smudged text from a wayward dash of egg or butter! I make a lot of my work using handwritten recipes. I’m a bit obsessed by handwriting, particularly old handwriting. There is just something so evocative about it, something really enchanting about reading things written in someone’s hand, especially when they aren’t here anymore. It feels like a more intimate interaction with the past somehow. In these two pieces here I’ve used excerpts from my nana's recipe book. One of them is for fruity scone wedges (!!) and the other is a variety of her handy hints - everything from make your own wool mix and silver polish through to tips on washing blankets and a recipe for snail bait! They've found a home in the new Mater Women's Hospital and I couldn't think of a better place for them!


shannon said...

Did you know that the "Running Writing" taught in Queensland schools from the early 1900's to late 1970's was called Queensland Cursive. I think i was one of the last classes to learn this type of writing. I love it. It is quite fancy and characterized by loopy bits especially in th "R" , "B" and "O"

Mel Robson said...

I learnt that one too! it's a lovely style! I particularly liked the old 'R'. The new 'R' was not nearly so nice!!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible where can I buy a recipe bowl in the U.S.?