Friday, December 22, 2006


4 big tables, 13 awesome Brisbane artists and craftspeople, heaps of post-it notes and a whole lot of swapping going on! And swapalicious it was indeed!

It’s becoming an annual event where we all get together and swap to our hearts content, and like a gaggle of squawking hens (and a few crowing roosters) we all converged at the Museum of Brisbane this year (thanks MOB girls) cluck clucking as everyone laid out their work on tables.

We started out with a five minute perusal period, and the tension in the air was palpable as we circled around like hungry wolves with our pack of post-it notes, our hands twitching, mentally coveting the pieces we wanted….and then bang…post-it notes and pens to the ready, the swap was on! Swooping in to put our names on the pieces we most wanted it started in a flurry but then quickly subsided as we all decided to act like grown-ups, and were very courteous and polite in our negotiations in the end!! Such a lovely event where we all go home with goodies that we say are going to be Christmas presents for friends and family but mostly end up being for ourselves! I’m finding it hard to part with some of it….

Here’s a pic of just some of my booty! (Marissa Molin cards, Florence Forrest toys, Shannon Garson bowl, Liana Kabel jewellery and Jesika Hanford necklace. Pics above are Ky Curran Brisvegas ceramics, Rebecca Ward neo-luddite jewelley, and my porcelain wall pieces). Other great folks in the line-up were Simon Degroot, Darren O'Brien, Deb Mansfield, Tracy Milne....

I swapped some of my porcelain wall works for this lovely Shannon Garson bowl from her Nest series. The next day in the studio I noticed a beautiful birds nest that Edgar, our lovely Spanish gardener at the Old Museum, had found and brought over to show us.


Florence said...

Swapalicious was fun! I got my self two FAB sets of Robbos ;)


Mel Robson said...

my florence's were coveted by numerous people on christmas day but ended up in MY christmas stocking!