Friday, December 8, 2006

In her garden

I’ve just recently sent these little babies down to the Craft Victoria Silent Auction. They’re from a series I’ve called In her garden – my nana’s garden. She was an avid gardener and was never happier than when she was out amongst it all, tending the lemon tree, planting fuscias by the laundry or sweetpeas against the chicken wire fence. It was also her solace in darker times. The garden is largely untended and looking a little wild these days, but the daisies and roses and camelias and fuscias persistently bloom. Before the house gets sold I made sure I took some photos of her garden, which I then turned into designs for this work. She'd be tut tutting at the state of the garden if she could see it now, but I think she'd be pretty happy with what I did with it. Even if the garden is no longer, there’ll be a little part of it that lives on in this work! So they’re a bit of a tribute to her. That’s how I remember her….in her garden.