Monday, December 18, 2006


Apart from being a great word in it's own right, a feffakookan is a very yummy german biscuit! And yes, it is actually spelt ‘pfeffercuchen’, but growing up making these tasty treats and never seeing the actual word written down I always imagined it to be spelt like this! My nana was famous for these biscuits – yummy, sugary, chewy ginger cookies with delicious white icing and coloured sprinkles all over them. Her recipe made 500 of them, and each Christmas her cosy little kitchen would be transformed into a busy biscuit factory as her gaggle of unruly grandchildren took their places on the production line mixing and rolling and cutting and icing and sprinkling and packing them up into colourful old tins to be sent off or taken home by friends and family. As we grew older the carnival ceased to be quite so unruly, but the tradition persisted. I’m in a mild state of panic at the moment as my nana’s recipe book seems to have gone missing…..

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